Why Miss the Old Days? When the New Ones are Far Better?

May 19, 2020 Kristi Lopez 0 Comments

As we all know that the whole world is going through the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus due to which each and every person is under lockdown. People have to follow the guidelines of lockdown properly because this locking ourselves is the only way to get rid of this pandemic corona outbreak. Are you missing the old days? If yes, then this article is best for you because we are going to tell you “Why miss old days?” when the new days are far better. Have a look to have detailed information:
1.      Breathing Problems, but now living in a healthier environment-
When we were living normal life’s means before the pandemic outbreak of COVID, we were facing pollution issues. The pollution because of humans only but it was damaging our respiratory systems and humans were facing a lot of breathing problems. But now, after the lockdown people are living in a healthier and safe environment because there is no pollution problem. So, we should be happy as the new days are very much better than the old ones.
2.      Crazy traffic and long traveling for offices and schools, but now no more tension of travel and traffic-
When the life of people was normal they were facing so many issues and the issue that we are going to discuss now is a daily issue. In our daily lives, we were facing tiredness due to long hours of traveling and traffic but now there is no tension. This is because we are having luxuries and are working as well as studying from our homes only. Hence, this is another reason why new days are good then old ones.
3.      Eating at a noisy place, but now eating peacefully with family-
Before the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus, people used to eat in hotels, cafeterias, etc. they are very much noisy. People were not having a single minute to interact with their families but now they can eat peacefully at home as well as enjoy with their families. This is again a reason why we should not miss the old days. In this period of lockdown, we can spend time with our families and know them more.
4.      Forgetting about activities and hobbies, but now making new interests-
Before the pandemic corona outbreak people were very much busy in their life’s that they were not having time to remember about their activities and hobbies. But now they are having time to do new things and remember their hobbies as well. Hence, this is again a reason why old days should not be missed.
5.      Spending on food, but now making new things at home-
Before coronavirus, people used to order things from food ordering sites because they thought that we will not be able to make anything. But now each and every person is trying to make new things and are turning into chefs. This is one of the huge advantages of lockdown, people now can make things at their home that means there is no more need to order food online.

Therefore, these are the five reasons why the newer days are much better than the old ones. Lastly, we would like to say that we should self-quarantine ourselves once in a month because this will make our families happy as well as us happy.
#Live with the new days and stop missing the old days. 

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