Top 10 Countries With ultimate Peace

May 01, 2020 newsy 0 Comments

The words peace has gone away from this World leaving only the dangers and according to a recent survey only 10 countries are there with complete peace. The authors of 10th Annual Global Peace Index reveal this fact and the World in 2016 stands at an endangered position as compared to 2015. In the Middle East, there is strong crisis for shelter of refugees and due to terrorist attacks more number of deaths are being reported from there.

Institute For Economics and Peace prepared a list of 10 countries where there is no conflict. Such 10 countries include the names such as:

·         Chile
·         Costa Rica
·         Japan
·         Qatar
·         Uruguay
·         Vietnam
·         Botswana
·         Panama
·         Mauritius
·         Switzerland

These countries are able to maintain the peace even in 2016 and people here are leading a better standard of living without any worries.

As per the statement by Steve Killelea, founder of IEP given for The Independent Brazil has came out of the list due to high concerns that came out after the RIO Olympics. But apart from this, the most dreadful situation is in the Middle East where the terrorists don’t think twice before taking away a life. It stops the rest of the World and climbs the highest level of malice.

IEP noticed the fact that the 10 peaceful countries improved a lot in 2016 while the other countries with fears got even more worse reporting fearful incidents along with number of deaths. Mr Killelea even said that the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are continuing for decades and no one is able to find any solution to stop these conflicts. This is also affecting the political status of the countries and thus people are losing faith on the Government taking the responsibility in real time.

Some interesting facts come out as Iceland today is recognized as the most peaceful country getting further improvements followed by Austria, Portugal, Denmark and New Zealand. On the other hand, Syria is the country with no peace at all and thus no improvements happening there that’s the most concerning issue.

Overall, according to IEP World has become less peaceful in 2016 as compared to past 8 years and this year there are highest number of deaths reported till now all over the World. Mr Killelea even revealed “It’s not just Iceland, it’s a whole range of countries which we can learn from. They are practising what we call positive peace, which are factors which create and sustain peaceful societies.”
IEP puts cores based on certain factors such as:

·         Acceptance range of the rights for others
·         Free flow of data
·         A Government functioning well
·         Low competition levels

Overall, these are the parts on which IEP focuses declaring the countries with more or less peace. “If positive peace is strong enough, then a country which is presented with shocks won’t actually have a deterioration in peace.” Mr Killelea

Finally, the entire facts once again divulge that Europe is the most peaceful region of the World with people getting a better way of life.

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