Entertainment Industry poses a Huge Threat due to Coronavirus Pandemic

May 04, 2020 Kristi Lopez 0 Comments

In recent times, the industry of entertainment is struggling a lot due to the threat of coronavirus. Ergo, the row between the cinema chains and Universal Studios over the digital-only releases trolls world tour and is in crisis due to lockdown. The challenges in the entertainment industry range from how to do live stage performances because social norms are too be followed. Let’s discuss a few issues faced by the industry of entertainment.


Through television, the industry is facing a lot of issues because they are not able to forward the stories of serials and the episodes made. This is one of the major problems due to which they are facing a huge threat just because of COVID-19. The directors and producers can publish only the old serials for the audience because the new stories are not able to proceed. Moreover, the commercials are very less, the industry is not able to show up new commercials and is resulting in bringing the economy of the entertainment industry down. Ergo, this is a very tough time for each and everyone, so we have to stand together and get out of this pandemic outbreak.


People these days are not using newspapers for reading news, they just are using online newspapers to gain knowledge and daily information. On a daily basis, thousands of newspapers are published but in this pandemic outbreak of corona people does not even want to touch newspapers. Furthermore, this is resulting in drowning the economy all over the globe. A statement was also made that so many newspaper publishers, workers will lose their jobs because COVID-19 has helped people in becoming digital. Ergo, printing revenue has collapsed down by 80% just because of this pandemic the outbreak of coronavirus.


The films that were planned to release during this pandemic have been missed their dates just because of closed cinemas. This is further resulting in the loss of a huge amount of money. As per the news, it was found that in the UK, around Euro 400m have been losing as the cinema-goers are staying them. They are not able to watch the movies and other shows this is why we are facing a huge loss in the entertainment industry. Along with posing a threat to the entertainment industry, coronavirus is resulting in the falling of the economy also.

According to the reports, it is very much clear that each and every service is facing is losing just because of a pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus. But at last, health is very much important because we can grow the economy again if we are fit and fine. Therefore, in this tough situation, we should stand together with the corona warriors, as they are doing a lot to save the lives of people. The only thing we have to do is to stay home and stay safe.

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