Plasma Therapy- A Vaccine or a Way to Fight with COVID-19

April 29, 2020 Kristi Lopez 0 Comments

In the tough times of COVID-19, people are very much worried about their health because no vaccines have been made yet. In between, all these crises the doctors from all over the world are working very hard to find the vaccine for coronavirus.

Plasma Therapy is going to be a temporary treatment for COVID and this is going to help patients in recovery. Hence, India has already started with the trials of Plasma Therapy. The hospitals of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh are taking the lead in the trials of this temporary vaccine. The rest of the states and UT’s are still waiting for approval from ICMR or waiting to start the trials of this therapy. Here is all that you should know about Plasma Therapy. Have a look to know in details about this temporary treatment of COVID-19.

THERAPY- Entails giving a transfusion of Plasma (or serum) from the bodies of those people who have already developed antibodies against the virus or the bacteria. This is a process that grants patients with some passive immunity. Ergo, Convalescent blood is one of the best ways to treat infectious diseases if we are not having any kind of medicine or treatment. The first valid trial for this Plasma Therapy was done in 1892 for the treatment of diphtheria. This was the treatment when treatment was done by using serum or plasma of animals.

  1. There is no study yet that can tell us about the effectiveness of this therapy in this case. Because in the case of dengue, the convalescent blood was found to worsen the situations of the patients. The conditions worsened because the virus led to replicate instead of finishing.
  2.  Doctors have come to a point that there can be transfusion-associated reactions or complications. Unknown pathogens can be transferred into the patient during transfusion.

  1. The potential risks of Plasma Therapy remain to be unknown. US FDA rules say that the suitable donor for Plasma Therapies is the people whose infection began 28 days prior.
  2.  A study from Wuhan showed us that the 10 adults who were severely ill were able to tolerate this transfusion. They were very easily able to make the antibodies and further reduced the virus load in just 7 days only.

Therefore, it is very much clear that this Plasma Therapy has become successful in Wuhan, but it is not yet clear whether it is having problems or not. India is going forward with the trials of Plasma Therapy, let’s what happens whatnot. Just wait and stay patient till the time doctors find a good way to fight with this disease.

Lockdown is for the safety of people only, stay home and stay safe. Stay connected to us in case you want to have more information regarding the vaccine trials and other things related to COVID-19.

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