Coronavirus- Pandemic disease and a serious threat for people all around the globe

April 23, 2020 newsy 0 Comments

Coronavirus- This is a newly invented infectious and communicable disease that is caused due to the virus named Corona. According to the reports, this is a disease that came from the fish market of Wuhan in China and now has spread tentacles all around the globe. If you are interested in knowing about this deadly disease then have a look at this article:

What exactly do you mean by Coronavirus? As per WHO, Coronavirus or COVID-19 is basically a respiratory disease that affects the breathing mechanism of the body. Ergo, the vaccine of this disease is not discovered yet but still, it is curable. If the patient will calmly listen to the doctor and will do according to them, then this disease is curable. The researchers working on this disease said that there are 4 stages of COVID-19- Imported cases, Local Transmission, Community Transmission, and Epidemic. Let’s discuss them a bit:

  • Imported cases- This is the first stage of the disease. In this stage, those people are affected who have any kind of travel history. We can also say that this is the stage in which those people are affected that come from a COVID-19 affected place.
  • Local Transmission- This is the second stage of the disease. In this stage, all those people are affected who come in contact with an infected person. For example- Relatives and family of a person who came from Italy or any other infected place.
  • Community Transmission- In this stage, all the unknown people also start affecting. In simple words, the people living in a sector or area of an infected person tests positive. This is one of the most serious stages because it can take the lives of half of the population.
  • Epidemic- This is the last and the fourth stage. In this stage, the 3/4th country or a nation gets infected with this disease. For example- USA (7lacs+ cases) and Italy (1.5lacs+ cases) are facing the fourth stage of COVID-19.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19? There a few symptoms for awareness of COVID-19, if you feel any of them then you should consult a doctor. Have a look because all the symptoms mentioned are according to the guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization).

  • High body temperature- According to us, this can be a normal thing but if you are having more than 93 body temperature, then you should consult a doctor. Because this is a basic symptom of Coronavirus.
  • Breathing problems- If you are facing any issue while breathing, then this can be a serious problem because COVID-19 is a disease that affects your respiratory functioning. So, if you feel any kind of breathing issue, then go and consult a doctor.
  • Dry cough- Dry cough is again a threat to have coronavirus. If you feel a cough or are surrounded by a patient having a cough then you should go and get a test done. 

Coronavirus is a communicable disease and usually spreads through droplets, so it is recommended to stay from a person having any kind of cough, cold or fever. Body aces, throat pain can also be a symptom, so go and consult a doctor because “Prevention is better than cure”.

What precautions can be taken to prevent oneself from COVID-19? There are a few COVID-19 precautions that you should follow to prevent yourself. Have a look and follow them because prevention is the only thing that can save us from this deadly disease.

  • One should take care of their hygiene and should regularly wash hands using soap. They can also sanitize their hands by using an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • People should consume like warm water because boiling up the water kills all the unwanted bacteria and impurities.
  • People should wash their clothes and should bath by using Dettol antiseptics. Everyone should change clothes whenever they come back from somewhere.
  • Social distancing should be maintained because this is a communicable disease. People should stay 1meter (3feet) away from each other if standing at a shop.
  • Eyes, Nose, and Mouth should not be touched by hands because these are the places where viruses can enter your body. Use tissues to rub these places in case of itching.
  • Seek medical care in case you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms because this is the only way to prevent oneself and our loved ones.

Lastly, we would like to say that lockdown is the only way to prevent the entire world. #STAY HOME #STAY SAFE.

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