Hundreds dead, more than four thousand people injured as the capital city of Lebanon-Beirut faces a deadly explosion

Beirut, which is the capital and the largest city of Lebanon, and also considered to be one of the oldest cities in the world, has recently suffered a massive destruction, which led to a death of at least one hundred people and injured over four thousand. A huge tremor causing explosion which were initially misconstrued by some to be the result of detonation of some nuclear device, is now explained by the Lebanon Government to be the result of over 2700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate which were stored for over six years in a warehouse in the port, preceded by fire which can possibly be originated from firecrackers. It is reported that the explosion took place nearly around 6pm at the Port of Beirut, on the city's Northern Mediterranean coast. Social Media has played an active role in spreading the videos of the blast all over the world, which initially show strong engulfing fire, followed by a massive explosion. The explosion was so strong that it was felt around 240 km away in Cyprus. Glasses of windows were shattered at Beirut International Airport's Passenger terminal, about five miles away from the port; hence covering a huge area in diameter. The blast has reported to destroy the immediate dockside area, creating a crater of approx. 140 metres wide, which flooded with sea water.  

Suspicions and Evidences regarding the blast

Suspicions regarding the blast are yet to be tested and justified. Although, within a few hours of the explosions, the government officials claim the incident to be an accidental ignition of over 2750 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate; Lebanon Prime Minister, Hassan Diab states that the details of the storage will be announced soon and the responsible hands will not be spared. US President Donald Trump on the other hand as reported by the US media, in his briefings, claims the incident to be an attack; which has been denied by the US officials. The Health system of the country has been under a serious threat of financial crisis and blast casualties as most of the medical facilities have been hit due to the attack. 

The reason behind the occurrence of the explosion

The lack of maintenance of Safety norms at the explosive storage is observed by the experts to be the Primary cause of the explosion. There are serious questions regarding the ignition or the presence of a fire source-which led the explosion to occur. There are evidences that the fire may have occurred due to the fire crackers, which were lying close to one another in this case. Also, there is another possible explanation to the origination of fire, if the fire is considered to be an accidental cause. According to some experts, the blast can be a result of the fire generated due to the oxidation process at large scale within the storage. 

An important role played by WHO in amending the loses.

It is reported that more than five thousand people were injured due to the blast, and over one hundred and thirty people were admitted to extensive care units for a strict observation under life support systems. The hospitals are facing great challenges as most of the doctors are affected due to the blast. Over five hospitals in the area are either non functional or partially, which has resulted in transferring of the injured people all over the nation. A sum of over three lakh people have lost their homes, due to the violent intensity of the explosion. There is an urgent need for shelter and food in the surrounding areas. WHO is playing a major role in responding to the health needs of the families affected by the blast. Medicinal and surgical supplies are already reported to deliver in order to meet the needs of over 2000 patients. Extensive care units and accessories are supplied to hospitals in order to provide backup.  WHO officials are also reported to work with national health authorities in order to have a complete access to the public health impact due to the blast. COVID-19 is yet an imminent threat to human race, and a major concern in Lebanon. Due to the occurrence of the blast, over 17 containers of WHO medical supplies were completely destroyed. Health care workers treating COVID -19, have hence received an external challenge to the already crisis situation. WHO is hence trying to focus on its efforts on ensuring that all the pillars of the response team remain active and a reliable supply of PPE kit continues to be provided in abundance for the people.

Bachchan House: Abhishek Bachchan’s wife and daughter also tested COVID positive in afternoon

From the previous updates, you are very much clear that Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan tested COVID positively on Saturday evening. People got to know about all this after the tweets of both father and son, they said that we are tested COVID positive but are having mild symptoms and are under the isolation of doctors at Nanavati Hospital. Furthermore, they said that people who came in our contact in the last 10 days should also go and get their test done after informing the authorities. Ergo, there is no need to panic, just stay calm as we are going to recover soon.
After the tweets officials started finding the people who came in the contact of Bachchan House, all their members that is Jaya Bachchan, Ashwariya Rai Bachchan, and Aradhya Bachchan were tested for COVID and anti-gen. All three of them got anti-gen negative but Ashwariya Rai Bachan and Aradhya Bachan were tested positive for COVID, Jaya Bachchan is okay but still, she will be kept in-home quarantine. Now a total of 4 members of Bachchan House are tested positive for COVID and around 54 staff members are home quarantined. The team is regularly going to sanitize and disinfect the house so that the Bachchan house gets rid of the COVID virus.
Probing further, sources also gave information that around 4 Bachan family’s house is declared containment zones by the officials. The two residences of them in Jalsa and Janak are sealed and declared containment zones by the authorities as no one is allowed to enter there. Moreover, the people in contact with these houses will also be quarantined by the authorities. Along with this, the police officials of Mumbai have beefed up the security outside Nanavati Hospital and the Bachchan Bungalow because the people are gathering in front of them.

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Amitabh Bachan and Abhishek Bachan shifted to hospital after testing COVID positive

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One of the biggest celebrities of Bollywood Amitabh Bachan on Saturday evening was tested positive with the COVID virus. This information was claimed when Amitabh Bachan tweeted on Twitter that “Today I have been tested positive with Coronavirus, I and my son are shifted to the hospital.” Furthermore, he wrote that it’s a request to all the people to get there test done who came into my contact in the last 10 days. Ergo, this is one of the good things that this person has done by tweeting it on his Twitter account.
Today, that is Sunday, 12th July 2020, we would like to tell you that the conditions of both Amitabh Bachan and Abhishek Bachan are stable as they were tested with very mild symptoms of corona and now they are under the doctor’s isolation at Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital. Maharashtra Health Minister Tope said that Amitabh Bachan had done such a great job by tweeting about his health on Twitter and claimed on Saturday that Jaya Bachan, Ashwariya Rai Bachan, and Aradhya Bachan have also undergone with the COVID test but the reports are going to come on Sunday morning. Therefore, it has been found that the other three members in the Bachan house are tested negative with COVID but their house is under quarantine now. Ergo, the house will be regularly sanitized and taken care of, so that they rid of this harmful virus.
Probing further, after the tweet of Amitabh Bachan, Abhishek Bachan also tweeted on Twitter near midnight. He wrote that I and my father Amitabh Bachan are testing positive with Coronavirus but are having mild symptoms, so there is no need to panic at all. In addition, he said that we are admitted to the hospital and have informed the authorities about all the known people who visited us in the last 10 days. Abhishek also said that all the staff and family members of ours are being tested and if there is anyone who visited us during the last 10 days should inform the authorities because this will be good for you and your family’s health. Moreover, there is no need to panic, just stay calm and fight with this disease. Thank you!! Hence, this was the tweet of Abhishek Bachan, after his father took the information of their hospital admit to Twitter.
After all this, a BMC official said that we are going to send a team for disinfecting the home of this famous personality and the people who are at higher risk of testing positive. All the Bollywood personalities are sending Amitabh Bachan and Abhishek Bachan to get well soon wishes by tweeting on Twitter. The industry is very much concerned about Amitabh Bachan and is praying for his speedy recovery because years back also he battled with so many health issues. In 2012, he suffered from Tuberculosis, and later from Hepatitis B with compromised liver functioning. Hence, this is why each and everyone is concerned about his health.
Lastly, we would also like to pray for the speedy recovery of Amitabh Bachan and Abhishek Bachan. May God help them in getting well so soon. #Stay Home #Stay Safe.

How to Wear Dungarees this Summer Season

We’re feeling the dungaree love yet again here at Lucky. From casual vintage styles to the sleek and sophisticated varieties, we can’t wait to model one of the must-have looks this coming season. But what is the best way to wear these wardrobe staples? Here are some simple tips for donning dungarees in style this summer - whether you’re out shopping or attending a flurry of chic beach parties. 

Classic full dungarees

The classic long dungarees are a wardrobe must-have (and are always on-trend, you’ll be glad to hear), particularly during summer as we start to welcome the festival season. Classic-style dungarees make perfect festival attire since you can rock it in so many different ways from one day to the next. Pair with tribal or Aztec print tops and gladiator sandals for girly chic or wear with fishnets and a faded band shirt for a laidback grunge look.

Dungarees are known for their casual style but don’t underestimate their potential for a sophisticated pool party look. Full dungarees can be dressed up to stunning effect by going for a darker colour of denim - pair with heels and some show-stopping jewellery and heads are sure to turn.

Short dungarees

If you’d rather not opt for the full-blown ‘overalls’ look with dungarees this summer, the short dungaree is a great little look to go for. Essentially shorts and slim braces, these provide a sharp and trim tomboy look - perfect for shopping days and general casual wear at home or college. Keep things minimal and stylish by teaming with a striped top for a cute nautical theme or inject a splash of colour and vibrancy into your look with floral or animal print dungaree shorts instead.

Floral dungaree dress

The ’70s-inspired floral dungarees are here to stay it seems and it’s not hard to see why. This adorable vintage look is so hard to resist. These are a perfect choice for dates or casual days out as they make you feel flirty and free in a way that traditional dungaree shorts can feel a little restricted. These are best worn with long sleeve crop tops in plain black or white or a cream polo neck jumper. 

As well as pairing dungarees with the right tops, certain accessories can really make the look work. Once you decide how to wear your dungaree set this summer, why not finish off the look with a striking pendant necklace? Adding a simple drop necklace - either chunky or subtle - looks great on all shades of denim and adds a perfect feminine touch. 

Top 3 Dry Dog Food Brands for your Canine Companions

As we all know that in a period of modernization people love to keep pets and these canine companions further become an important part of our families. They have the sense to smell if we are down or happy, these canine companions are one of the best parts of our lives. So, it’s our responsibility to give the best lives by feeding them as they cannot say what is good for them whatnot.

If you are also having a pet at your home, then you should refer to this article. We are going to tell you about the top 3 best dog foods of 2020, have a look to know:


Purina Pro Plan Savor is the dog food that has been awarded for its quality and this is the only reason that made this product top best. This dog food is available in different types of flavors like lamb, beef, salmon, and chicken with rice, etc. Therefore, real meat is one of the top first ingredient in this dog food as it is having high-quality protein and helps the dog to build strong muscles and a healthy lifestyle. Hence, this food is having 5 out of 5 ratings for its quality. Let’s discuss some of the key features of this product.

1.     The first ingredient of this food is real meat.
2.     Filled with all the best ingredients to promote the dog’s health.
3.     This is a unique product having a kibble and shredded mixture.
4.     Therefore, this product is a The veterinarian recommended for the health of your dog.


With no artificial ingredients, this dog food is again rated the best. This dog food includes farm-raised poultry like chicken and turkey from the U.S.A. and prebiotics that will help you out in maintaining your dog’s health. Moreover, these food products are totally gluten-free, wheat or by-product meals free and are very much digestive for your dog if they are having a sensitive stomach. Therefore, it is also incorporated with vitamins and minerals to bolster the dog’s immune system. So, if you are thinking to buy dog food then have this one. Let’s discuss some of the key features of this product.

1.     Dog food incorporated with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to maintain the immune system of dogs.
2.     This food formulated for small-breed dogs as well and made with fresh and wholesome ingredients.
3.     Gluten and wheat free and are best for sensitive stomach.


The American Journey Dog Food is one of the best products for your dog as it is made of chewy and 100% American ingredients. This product is very much affordable and can be easily bought by people for their canine companions. Therefore, this product is created with high-quality and nutritious ingredients, even the chicken fat included in this food product is not artificial. Try this product out as it is one of the best food items recommended for your dogs. Let’s discuss a few key features of this product.

1.     A proper amount of vitamins and minerals helps dogs to build immunity. This product is available in many variants.
2.     This product is very much popular as it is gluten and wheat-free.
3.     It is easily affordable by the people and is made in the USA.

Ergo, these are the top 3 best dry dog food brands for your companions. If you want to know about some other dog food brands, then let us know in the comments below.

Impact of COVID: Event and Entertainment industry says COVID-19 hit 60 million livelihoods

As we all know the entertainment industry is one of the most earning and fast-growing industries but due to COVID, they faced so many problems. Ergo, the entertainment and event industry is one of the most affected industries after laborers. This is because more than 60 million people in the event and entertainment industry lost their livelihoods because of the hit of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

The event and entertainment industry management association has recently sent out an SOS signal to the government as they are seeking intervention. They are seeking the intervention because three-fourth of the industry has been impacted on a larger scale. This industry employee’s more than 60 million people and now all of them are standing still just because of the lockdown due to COVID-19. Therefore, this is one of the larger impact of COVID on people. The officials of the industry said that 60 million staff out of which 10 million have been directly impacted and their livelihoods are at risk because all the national, as well as international events, has been postponed just because of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

Moreover, it has been estimated that losses for the first two months are already over Rs. 3000 crores or more than that. The associations of the entertainment and event industry further said that “After the arrival of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, the impact to this industry is unprecedented with multiple global and national events.” Therefore, all of the conferences, meetings, etc. are canceled due to this pandemic situation. Furthermore, it has been noted that this impact of crises on events and the experiential industry will last for months because no one knows when the pandemic is going to end. The impact for the first two months was only pegged at over 3000 to 5000 crore and this was all projected in a survey of 100 units in a sector.

The industry is constantly seeking help from the government but no help is yet given by the government sectors to these people. The pandemic has dropped the economy on a very higher scale as conferences, both public and private, national/international meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions (MICE) events have been canceled. Therefore, these types of problems are choking the lifeline of the entertainment industry. Besides all this, the entertainment industry provides employment to more than 50 million people like food and beverages, hospitality, tourism, advertising, and the marketing industry. These are also facing a threat because of no upcoming movies and series.
Lastly, we would like to tell you that Sanjay Roy's founder and managing director of Teamwork Arts, is working out a lot to solve the issues but still, they are not able to pay staff salaries, taxes, and other bank loans, etc. The industry has said that we are seeking help from the government as soon as we get any help we will announce it to the people. 

Stay updated with us to have more information regarding the “Impact of COVID-19 to Entertainment Industry”.

Why Miss the Old Days? When the New Ones are Far Better?

As we all know that the whole world is going through the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus due to which each and every person is under lockdown. People have to follow the guidelines of lockdown properly because this locking ourselves is the only way to get rid of this pandemic corona outbreak. Are you missing the old days? If yes, then this article is best for you because we are going to tell you “Why miss old days?” when the new days are far better. Have a look to have detailed information:
1.      Breathing Problems, but now living in a healthier environment-
When we were living normal life’s means before the pandemic outbreak of COVID, we were facing pollution issues. The pollution because of humans only but it was damaging our respiratory systems and humans were facing a lot of breathing problems. But now, after the lockdown people are living in a healthier and safe environment because there is no pollution problem. So, we should be happy as the new days are very much better than the old ones.
2.      Crazy traffic and long traveling for offices and schools, but now no more tension of travel and traffic-
When the life of people was normal they were facing so many issues and the issue that we are going to discuss now is a daily issue. In our daily lives, we were facing tiredness due to long hours of traveling and traffic but now there is no tension. This is because we are having luxuries and are working as well as studying from our homes only. Hence, this is another reason why new days are good then old ones.
3.      Eating at a noisy place, but now eating peacefully with family-
Before the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus, people used to eat in hotels, cafeterias, etc. they are very much noisy. People were not having a single minute to interact with their families but now they can eat peacefully at home as well as enjoy with their families. This is again a reason why we should not miss the old days. In this period of lockdown, we can spend time with our families and know them more.
4.      Forgetting about activities and hobbies, but now making new interests-
Before the pandemic corona outbreak people were very much busy in their life’s that they were not having time to remember about their activities and hobbies. But now they are having time to do new things and remember their hobbies as well. Hence, this is again a reason why old days should not be missed.
5.      Spending on food, but now making new things at home-
Before coronavirus, people used to order things from food ordering sites because they thought that we will not be able to make anything. But now each and every person is trying to make new things and are turning into chefs. This is one of the huge advantages of lockdown, people now can make things at their home that means there is no more need to order food online.

Therefore, these are the five reasons why the newer days are much better than the old ones. Lastly, we would like to say that we should self-quarantine ourselves once in a month because this will make our families happy as well as us happy.
#Live with the new days and stop missing the old days.